Hello, I am Liv.
I am a French-American artist living on the shores of Lake Geneva.
I have discovered linocut printing a couple years ago and fell in love with it instantly!
I love it so much I try to produce as much as I can.
So here is my work, it is for sale.
There are reproduction prints and original prints, cards, bags and tshirts. 
All items are handmade (exception for the reproductions)
I hope that you will enjoy my work! :)
Without these babies, nothing would be possible!
I am particularly a fan of the tiniest ones.
I use waterbased inks to print. 
The oil based just take too long to dry for me.
Good work starts with good tools.
Rolling the ink is an important process of the print. Too thick or too thin the ink will make a real difference in the print.
All you need to print are gouges, ink, a roller and a press.
And an idea always helps ;)